Oktoberfest Recap

Posted by Becca Pelkey 10/5/2022 9:39:15 AM

The pits were packed to the gills during the 5th Annual Oktoberfest racing weekend at Dacotah Speedway on Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st. Over 180 drivers traveled near and far to race one final time in North Dakota and for some big money on the line.


Track champion, Bill Hultberg, started on the pole for the Hobby Stock feature. Hultberg led early but Josh Roehrich made it a two car battle the moment the green flag waved. They raced side by side for numerous laps as Seth Howe-Kellar was all over their rear bumpers in third. An early caution allowed Roehrich to grab the lead on the restart as Hultberg fell into the clutches of Howe-Kellar. Jeremy Herr, who started 18th, quickly raced his way to the front and cracked the top five on lap five. Herr wasted no time passing Hultberg and then Howe-Kellar for second. Herr was all over Roehrich’s rear bumper. Finding some extra speed along the bottom line of the track, Herr pulled along side Roehrich. They raced door to door in the closing laps. When the checkered flag waved, Roehrich just narrowly edged Jeremy Herr at the finish line. Bill Hultberg finished third as Kelly Hoerner made a late race pass to finish fourth ahead of Seth Howe-Kellar. 

•• After the conclusion of the feature, second place Jeremy Herr was disqualified for being too light at the scale. 


After winning his dash the night before, Krys Yost led the field to the green flag in the IMCA Sport Compact feature. Yost had his hands full with a speedy Hunter Goulet as they raced side by side for the lead. They raced door to door for several laps as Alex Thompson lurked in third. Thompson, trying to reel in the leaders, got loose and nearly spun in front of the field. Yost cleared Goulet and as the laps wound down, Yost started to pull away. After coming so close, so many times to capturing that first victory of the season, Krys Yost led all 12 laps to win the feature. Hunter Goulet finished a distant second ahead of Stan Thompson. Alex Thompson recovered to finish fourth while Brian Hughbanks rounded out the top five. 


A pair of Minot drivers, Brandon Beeter and Caden Appelt, started on the front row for the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Beeter, using a borrowed race car, quickly pulled away from the field but cautions plagued the feature event. It was a thrilling three car battle for second between Tim Anderson, Connor Hansen and Appelt. They raced two and three wide for the second position but racing to the checkered flag, Appelt broke loose on the backstretch and would unfortunately finish 18th. Brandon Beeter dominated the feature to win his first victory at Dacotah Speedway. Tim Anderson held on to finish second ahead of Connor Hansen while Jacob Robinson just narrowly edged Trevor Haas at the line to finish fourth. 


When the green flag waved in the IMCA Sport Mod feature, Scott Jacobson and Rich Pavlicek raced hard for the lead. They raced side by side, throwing sliders, until an early caution regrouped the field. On the restart, Jacobson and Pavlicek continued to slice and dice for the lead. Pavlicek cleared Jacobson for the top spot and quickly pulled away as Jacobson fell into the clutches of Robby Rosselli and Brock Beeter. They raced hard for several laps until Rosselli grabbed the second position. Rob VanMil made it a three car battle as they raced three wide for third place. With only two laps to go, Jacobson got too high off turn two allowing Beeter and VanMil to slip by. Beeter and VanMil continued to race hard for third as they swapped for position. However, when the checkered flag waved, Rich Pavlicek crossed the line first. Robby Rosselli finished second as Brock Beeter held off Rob VanMil and Scott Jacobson for third. 


The Dakota Classic Modified Tour Stock Car champion, Trent Grager, led the field to the green flag in the IMCA Stock Car feature. It was an exciting battle for the lead between Grager, the Jamestown Stock Car Stampede champion, Luke Krogh, and Randy Klein. As the leaders raced hard for the win, it allowed Stormin’ Joren Boyce to make it a four car battle late in the race. However, Trent Grager led all 20 laps to hold on and cross the finish line first. Luke Krogh settled for second as Randy Klein held off Joren Boyce for third. Kelly Jacobson rounded out the top five. 


When the green flag waved in the INEX Legend feature, it was a three car battle for the lead between pole sitter Donavin Wiest, Alex Kukowski and Drew Papke. As they raced three wide, Nate Keena lurked in fourth. Finding speed along the highside of the track, Kukowski grabbed the lead on lap 10 but Wiest retook the lead late in the race. With two laps to go, Kelly Hoerner, flew off corner three and into the outside guardrail. Thankfully he was ok but under caution, Kukowski had mechanical failure that ended his night. On the restart, Papke, Tim Brockhouse, Dayton Olheiser and Keena raced four wide for second as they raced down low, through the middle and up high. However, they couldn’t catch Donavin Wiest as he crossed the line first. Drew Papke held off Tim Brockhouse for second as Dayton Olheiser just narrowly edged Nate Keena at the line to finish fourth. 


Geoff Hellman started on the pole for the WISSOTA Street Stock feature. Hellman led early as Hunter Domagala, Zach Frederick and Todd Carter raced hard for second. Domagala cleared the second position and quickly reeled in Hellman for the lead. They raced side by side for several laps before Domagala took the lead on lap five. A series of early cautions reset the field. The restarts allowed Todd Carter to slip into the second position. As the laps wound down, Shawn Volk, who started 15th, started to catch fourth place Frederick. They battled hard for fourth late in the race but when the checkered flag waved, Zach Frederick held off Shawn Volk for fourth. Geoff Hellman, who led early, finished third behind Todd Carter while Hunter Domagala won his sixth feature victory in a row at Dacotah Speedway. 


In the final feature event of the season, the wily veteran of Marlyn Seidler led the field to the green flag in the IMCA Modified feature. Seidler and second place Jeremy Keller quickly distanced themselves from the field. However, when the leaders started to catch lapped traffic, it allowed third place Shawn Strand to close in. A mid-race caution regrouped the field but led to a string of cautions. Marlyn Seidler survived each and every restart to lead all 30 laps to win over Jeremy Keller. Shawn Strand finished third while Travis Tooely made a late race pass to finish fourth ahead of Brady Bjella.

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