"Beyond The Dirt" With Josh Roehrich

Posted by D.S. 4/11/2016 8:45:07 AM
(Photo courtesy of Layn Mudder of LPT Images.) 

Dacotah Speedway.  Your car number is 4D, why is that?
Josh:  When I was little, I always said I would have this number someday. It stands for ford (4D) which is my favorite car manufacture.

Dacotah Speedway:  What is your favorite thing about Dacotah Speedway?
Josh:  The group of people and the great facilities.

Dacotah Speedway:  What other tracks have you raced at?
Josh:  Jamestown and Dickinson. I hope to try Wishek again this year.

Dacotah Speedway:  Who inspired you to get into racing?
Josh:  Since I was little, I have been going to the races with my family.  I always said I would do it.

Dacotah Speedway:  Who are your sponsors for 2016?
Josh:  Burleigh County Farm Bureau, Dvorak Motors, Custom Stripes, Sam’s Club, Roerich Simmentals, Johnson’s Wrecking, Acme Tools, Acme Rentals. 

Dacotah Speedway:  What is your favorite Restaurant?
Josh:  I would have to say the place where the whole crew goes to eat after the races is the south Perkins in Bismarck.

If you'd like to be featured on our "Beyond The Dirt" series call Michelle Stoxen at 527-7229 or Layn Mudder at 667-9420.  The 2016 season of high banked, dirt track racing begins Friday, May 6th at Dacotah Speedway.

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