HOF Nominee - Allan Berg

Posted by John Gartner 8/15/2016 9:24:08 AM
Allan Berg, Mandan, ND
 Pioneer & Legacy
Car #: 93 
Class(es): Streets and car owner
Club Affiliation:  Racer, car owner/sponsor, President—Stock Car Inc. 1968-1969, wrecker driver

Allan Berg was typical of the early builders of racing in the area—they wore multiple hats—during and after they drove race cars in the area. Allan raced from 1964—1967 and then again in the 1972 season at the new track called Central States Race Track,  just east of the current Bismarck City Landfill.  As a driver he was recognized as Sportsman of the Year in 1967. His peers elected him President of Stock Car Inc. from 1968-1969.

After Allan retired as a driver he did not quit as a supporter of racing. He was a car owner for drivers and sponsored many cars during his years after he turned the driving over to others. His towing company wrecking yard was a needed source of racing parts and he was quick to give parts to racers or sell them at a reduced cost to keep them on the track. Berg enjoyed working on the car, but he enjoyed being at the track even more, as his love for the sport was evident.

Another “hat” worn by Allan was as a wrecker driver for several tracks. At the time the tracks depended on volunteer wrecker divers to bring their own equipment each week to the racetracks, as the tracks themselves had no real towing equipment. When others would come now and then, Berg was always there. When there was an accident he was the steady hand and cool head that was needed when emotional drivers got out of their cars after a wreck. He calmed tough situations down and was always there to load damaged cars onto trailers. He also offered well- meaning advice and sometimes would offer parts for free to fix the damage. Since he was a veteran driver that everyone knew and liked, he was universally respected and was a good role model for younger drivers who sometimes needed advice from someone who had been through these situations before.

Allan passed away in 1997. His many talents and love of the sport helped grow racing in Bismarck-Mandan. Allan is a foundation contributor of the Modern Racing Era for Bismarck-Mandan racing.

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