"Beyond The Dirt" With Shawn Volk

Posted by D.S. 3/19/2016 9:46:32 AM
(Photo courtesy of Layn Mudder of LPT Images.)

Dacotah Speedway:  Where was your first race and in what class
Shawn:  At Junction Motor Speedway in Nebraska.  I drove a 1989 Sunbird in the Thunder 4 class.

Dacotah Speedway:  What has been your most memorable race?
Shawn:  When I won my first Street Stock Feature.  It was in 2010 against my mentor who was pressuring me the whole race.  One of my really good friends rolled his car halfway through the race.  It was a bitter sweet night because we didn’t know how he was going to be after the wreck.  It was one of the most amazing feelings winning that race after a long journey getting to that point.

Dacotah Speedway:  Who inspired you to get into racing?
Shawn:  That is a hard question.  I went to the races as a very, very young child.  I would cheer for Leo Burkhardsmeier, Brian Swenson and Joe Lacoe.  If it was not for my mom and dad taking me to the races or giving me the opportunity to build my first car I wouldn’t be where I’m at now.

Dacotah Speedway:  If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?
Shawn:  I would give the first part for God’s work and then totally spoil my wife and go racing year round. 

Dacotah Speedway:  Why did you choose number 8?
Shawn:  My number came from cheering for Leo Burkhardsmeier back in the day.  I wanted it to be a little different, so I just added the “s” for my last name.

Dacotah Speedway:  Favorite place to eat?
Shawn:  Jack's Steakhouse

Dacotah Speedway:  Anybody else you’d like to thank?
Shawn:  God for giving me the ability to race.  Also thanks to my wife Michaela, my mom, dad and brother.  Also my amazing crew guys and gals and my epic sponsors; Open Road Honda, McQuade Distributing, Puklich Chevrolet, America’s Mattrress, Platinum Beverage Group, Midway Tavern, Bank of Glen Ulllin, Huff Hills, Roy’s Custom Spraying, Midwestern Insurance, Dirt Dog, VP Racing Fuels.

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Watch for Shawn Volk in his #s8 WISSOTA Street Stock on the high banks of Dacotah Speedway.  The 2016 season starts on Friday, May 6th.

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