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Posted by John Gartner 8/7/2016 5:54:28 PM
The Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association Hall of Fame Committee has selected 15 nominations for the new Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame. The HOF has been created to recognize those that have made significant contributions in terms of racing talent, service to the sport, and sportsmanship to stock car racing in the area. For consideration for the HOF drivers will have had to be retired from the sport for a minimum of five years, or be nominated for their non-driver contributions to the sport. The initial 15 nominees will be recognized at the 1st Annual Hall of Fame Race on Friday, August 12, during intermission at the races. That list will then be pared down to 10 initial inductees to the HOF during the annual Awards Banquet in October. Each subsequent year 10 nominees will be selected, with five going into the HOF.

Three eras have been established for the HOF. The Pioneer Era (1950—1970) will nominate five drivers for HOF consideration. They are: “Lefty” Herman (1950-1961), Johnny Gartner (1950-1961), “Curly” Werner (1956-1961), Bob Bender (1958-1969), and Alan Berg (1964-1972). Many from this group were local champions, state champions, club officers, and later car owners after they had retired from the sport. Since all of these inductees have passed away-- pictures, news clippings, and stories the HOF can preserve and communicate to current and future generations of race fans are needed.

The second era is from 1971—1987 and has been called the “Legacy Era.” The committee has nominated six outstanding drivers/track officials/promoters of racing. They are: Donny Bender (1966-1980), Ernie Seeman (1969-1980), Darrell Erickson (1972-1980 & 1984), Dick Schulz (1972-1994), Wayne Martineson 1974-1980 & 1990), & Bob Simmers (1976-1996). Again, pictures, news clippings, and stories are needed to preserve this era for the future.

The last era is called the Modern Era (1988—on) and was established when the Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association actively started running racing in the area, along with the Missouri Valley Stock Car Association, that ran the races at the Missouri Valley Fairground. Four drivers/track officials/promoters of racing have been nominated. They are: Leo Burkhardsmeier: (1968-2011), Don Helbling (1978-2002 driver, club president), Ivan Sailer (club president & promoter) & John Gartner II (1974-1994, Dakota Classic Mod Tour).

During the time leading up to the Hall of Fame Race, bios of the nominees will be created to honor them, or their living relatives, so that accurate information can be given to the fans on August 12. A special thanks to Marlys Schuler and Curt Klein for performing over 450 hours of volunteer research to secure information for the HOF. This effort is ongoing so if you have information please let us know on Dacotah Speedway’s Facebook page.
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