April Meeting / Minutes

Posted by D.S. 4/10/2014 3:10:49 PM
Due to the majority of the directors work engagements, tonight's meeting is cancelled. It may be rescheduled, we will announce a different meeting date soon if one can be scheduled.

Monthly meeting of the Bismarck-Mandan Stockcar Association will Thursday, April 10th ,  7pm at Midway Lanes.

Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association
February 13, 2013
Meeting Minutes

The February meeting of the BMSCA was called to order by Brad Kadermas.  Members not present Charlie and BJ.

January minutes were read by Shawn Volk, Motion to approve by Shawn second by Nick.  Motion carries. 

Treasures report given by Herb.  We received some 1099’s back due to inaccurate addresses.  Reports were submitted for income tax.  An application was sent to the Mandan Progress Organization for Mandan Bucks.  Contract for the mall show is going to be better than years past.  We have no need for extra insurance while the cars are in the mall.  Motion by John to approve the Treasures report second by Shawn, Motion carried. 

Old business - Water truck on hold for now due to the price being higher than originally anticipated.  There was a discussion on the proposed machine to till the track.

Herald was given the authority to find a disk for $1500.  And purchase if it is a good deal.  Motion by John second by Herb  Motion Carried.

Challenge series event is added to the Governor’s Cup.  No final decision.  Governors cup has been moved to July 25, 26, rain date 27th.

New business – Discussion on the mall show to have a different method of deciding the winners of the car show.

John has been working on Job descriptions and duties for track officials and volunteers.  John is going to have them done by the April official training.

Meeting for the drivers  on Saturday the 15th of February.  The purpose of this is to get input on things that we need to change or improve upon at the track.

Discussion on allowing hobby stock  Drivers to race in a higher class was brought up.  After a lengthy discussion a motion to only allow hobby stock drivers to race class lower than them was purposed by John Gartner and second by Nick.  Motion Carried.

Greg Gartner and Lonie are going to be our tech inspectors. 

Door Prize winner:  Houston Volk.

Meeting was adjourned.

Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association
January 13, 2013
Meeting Minutes

The January meeting of the BMSCA was called to order by Charlie Erickson. Members not present were Herb Bargmann.

Shawn read the minuets from the previous meeting. Motion to approve the minuets as read was made my Brad Kadrmas and second by Shawn Volk. Motion carried.

Charlie read the treasurers report in Herbs absence. All bills are paid including the lease payment for 2014 to the park District and K&K Insurance. BJ made motion to approve the treasures report as read. Nick seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business- Season pass prices were set at 170 for the grand stand and Pit passes for 340. Mod Tour discussion we have Thursday night this year.

There is going to be a drivers meeting on Feb 15 at Midway Lanes at 10 AM. Bret Root was contacted about speaking at the 2014 awards banquet.

New Business- Harold has a lead on a water truck from Northern Improvement. Shawn made motion to give Harold discretion on purchasing the water truck seconded by BJ. Motion carried.

Harold also has found an 875 Versatile and they are asking 12 thousand dollars. Harold is going to try to negotiate with them on the price.

Shawn mentioned a new machine called the rapido for track prep. John is going to speak with the rodeo to see if they are willing to split the cost.

The legend tour this year will be on the 20th of June.

Discussion was made on the time period that seat belts would be allowed for in the hobby stocks. It was determined that three years is the new rule.

The idea of an end of the year show was brought up. The proposed dates were October 3 or 4th or September 26th and 27th. It was mentioned that we should work with Dickinson on a two day race. Motion was made by Shawn to add the end of the year race to the schedule. It was seconded by Brad. Motion carried.

Shawn stated that John Wald could be a candidate for a Flag man for the upcoming year. Issues were raised with his ability to be objective during races that his family is racing in. The board would like to speak with John in a formal style interview.

Discussion was brought up about trying to get more volunteers for the upcoming season.

BJ is going to pick up the tractor that the track purchased. John talked about the meeting for officials that we are going to be having in March. The event will be held at the seven seas as of now. Format and topics were discussed shortly.

XSAN is going to be doing more at the track this year and still plans on doing the Mod tour again.

Beau is going to be coming up with ideas on using the old scoring tower for a VIP suite.

Everybody should see Marlys on Memberships for the 2014 season.

Door prize winner John Fiest.

Meeting was adjourned.

Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association
December 12, 2013
Meeting Minutes

The December 12th meeting of the Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association was called to order by President Charlie Erickson.  Members not present were Shawn Volk and BJ Liddle.

Charlie read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Motion to approve the minutes as read was made by Herb Bargmann, seconded by Brad Kadrmas.  Motion carried.

Herb gave the treasurer’s report.  We have pre-paid the 2014 track insurance.  There are still some outstanding checks that drivers have not yet cashed.  And we are waiting on the 2013 utility bill.  Motion to approve the treasurer’s report as read was made by Brad Kadrmas and seconded by Nick Howe.  Motion carried.

Old business – Shawn Strand was asked if there was any more information regarding the proposed Modified Special with Street Stocks and Hobby Stocks.  He indicated there was not but possibly by January.
New business – Discussion was held on the 2014 banquet and whether it should be at the Seven Sea’s or moved back to the Amvets.  The majority thought that it should stay at the Seven Sea’s but thought that some type of entertainment was needed such as a band or DJ.  It was also mentioned that having a guest speaker would be a good idea.  John Gartner suggested Bret Root from IMCA and if a date was determined he would contact Brett to see if he would be available.  The date of Saturday, November 1st was chosen and John will see if Bret would be available on that date.

John Gartner brought up having a meeting with drivers on a date, time and place to be determined.  John would do all the leg work and get back to the board with the information.

There was talk concerning the 2014 Dakota Classic Modified Tour.  More would be known after the Mod Tour meeting on December 14th in New Town.  Beau was going to represent Dacotah Speedway.

The board was asked if there was going to be a swap meet in February.  The answer was no, but if anyone would like to volunteer to run one they would be welcome to do so.

The board was asked if there was going to be a season pass for the 2014 racing season available in time for Christmas giving.  A price will be determined and the information will be posted on the web site.

Drawing for the door prize was held, Chad Hausauer was the winner.

Meeting was adjourned.

Bismarck Mandan Stock Car Association
Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2013

Members not present were John Garnter, Senior and BJ Liddle.

The Meeting was called to order by Charlie Erickson.  Minutes from the October meeting were read.  Motion to approve was made and seconded by Nick Howe.  Motion carried.

Herb gave the treasurer’s report and discussed the finances from the banquet.  We served 166 which was on average for previous years.  The total income from the raffle and auction was 12,884.50. The expenses totaled 9,186.99 with a net profit from the event of 3,697.51.  Brad made motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Shawn, motion carried.

Old business - Brad was voted in as Vice President, Herb as Treasurer and Shawn Secretary.

Charlie gave a report on the new sound system and how the progress on installation has been stalled until next spring due to the weather.

The issue of the Hobby Stock rookie of the year was brought up by Charlie and after some discussion it was decided that a motion was needed by the board to award dual Rookie of the year trophies.  A motion by Nick was made and Shawn Seconded. Motion carried. We will have a trophy made for Jarren Wald to share the Rookie of the year Title.  

New business - Shawn brought up proposed new rules of misconduct for drivers and new guidelines.  Charlie read the current and the proposed new guidelines.  During discussion, a lot of concerns from the membership and board members were discussed.  Shawn made a motion to table the issue to a later date so each board member could review and proposed guidelines.  The motion was seconded by Nick Howe.  Motion carried.

Discussion of a Safety Tech checklist was presented and handed out to attending members and the board. Discussion from the membership brought up the idea of a Committee to handle this proposal. Ivan offered up his shop to use as an inspection location. Members on the committee are Shawn Strand, Jason M, Tracy D, Ivan S, Shawn V, Brad K, Lonnie M and Nick H.  Motion was made to approve by Shawn and seconded by Brad.  Motion Carried.

Shawn Strand brought up that he has a person interested in having a Modified special with Street Stocks and Hobby Stock only.   He said that the interested party is willing to cover the full purse for the three classes with five thousand dollars to win for the Mods and larger amounts for the streets and hobby’s. The date was to be determined and needed some more details and will be discussed more in-depth at a later date.

Ivan also brought up the All Star sprints will be in the area around July and was wondering if we would be interested in having them come for a race.  Beau was in discussion with another Sprint Car promoter for a possible show.   No discussion on the topic was made at the present time.

The meeting was adjourned by Charlie.

Bismarck Mandan Stock Car Association
Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Lonny Magstadt in the absence of President Charlie Erickson.

James Lawson read the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion to approve the minutes as read was made by John Gartner Jr.  and seconded by Brad Kadrmas. Motion carries.

Herb gave the Treasurer’s report – We still have a lot bills outstanding.  Rent for the upcoming season as well as our insurance will be prepaid. Prepaying insurance gives us a 10-15 % discount.  There are plans to purchase a new speaker system, which will run about $15,000 or so.  We are looking into buying another tractor.  Statistics from last season:  Last year there was 15 nights of racing and 2 rainouts for 13 nights total.  We had 2 demo derbies, 1 tractor pull, and 2 monster truck shows.  21 events total.  There was only one racing night where we did not profit.  Total income was  $839,000, which was up $96,000 from last year.  Expenses were up as well.  Payroll was up 16,000 from previous year.  Minimum wage for employees is not an option anymore.  Payouts to drivers was increased around $1500-$2000 a night.  Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by James and seconded by John Jr.  Motion carries.

Elections of officers – President  nominations were Lonny, who declined and Charlie.  Marlys moved nominations cease.  There was no immediate second. John Jr. nominated himself.  Marlys once again moved nominations cease, which was seconded by Brad.  Charlie wins 38-12.

Board seats – Nominations  were Nick Howe, John Gartner Sr., Shawn Volk, Terry Barnes, Jason Meidinger, John Jr.  and James Lawson, who declined.  Motion to cease nominations was made by Shawn Volk and seconded by Tank.  Nick Howe, John Sr, and Shawn Volk have been elected as new board members.

Old business –no old business.

New business – Eugene made a motion to get rid of the rules requiring IMCA Hobby Stocks for the upcoming season, which was seconded by Josh Roehrich.  Under further discussion, Lonny questioned why we are bringing this up.  The feeling from the drivers is the car counts are strong, so there is no need to change.  During discussion it was determined that the rule would have to be reversed by the board members who voted it in.  Motion had to be made by a member that voted for the rules the first time around.  James was the only member that voted against the rule change, which made him ineligible to make the motion.  After further discussion, John Jr.  made a motion to rescind the IMCA Hobby Stock rule change. James seconded.  Motion carries.

Meeting was adjourned.
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