Dacotah Speedway June 15th Recap

Posted by Becca Rattei 6/17/2018 11:05:07 AM
Fans packed the stands as nearly 100 drivers put on a fantastic show on Friday, June 15th. The track was slick and racy as there was multiple lanes for racing which produced some races that were almost too close to call.

Howe-Kellar Earns First Career Feature Win
In his first full year of racing, Tanner Hofer started on the pole in the IMCA Sport Compact feature. The veteran of Stan Thompson quickly took the lead from the rookie when the green flag waved. As Hofer fell through the pack, Andy Reed and Seth Howe-Kellar raced hard for second. Howe-Kellar grabbed the second position on lap two and started to reel in the leader of Thompson. With four laps to go, Howe-Kellar started to peek his car under Thompson for the lead while Reed lurked closely behind in third. Thompson and Howe-Kellar raced door to door with two laps to go. As they took the white flag, they continued to race side by side. But going into corners three and four, Thompson drove his race car too high into the corner, allowing Seth Howe-Kellar to complete the pass and win his first feature victory. Stan Thompson held off Andy Reed at the line to finish second while Ken Sandberg finished ahead of Craig Kastner for fourth.


Racing Bounty Increases as Gartner Jr Wins Sixth Feature In A Row
With a racing bounty on his back, John Gartner Jr went from eight to first in the Dacotah Speedway Hobby Stock feature. As Gartner Jr and second place Terry Davenport started to pull away from the field, a three car battle for third was brewing between Josh Roehrich, A.J. Davenport and Brent Vetter. Vetter, who started seventh, dove low and hugging the guardrail, shuffled into third.Using the low line around the track, Vetter started to catch Terry Davenport for second. They raced side by side until Vetter cleared Terry Davenport for position. With six laps to go, a caution erased Gartner’s lead. On the restart, Vetter choose the inside lane and dove low into corners one and two. The momentum from the high line allowed Gartner to hang onto the lead but Vetter was strong on the bottom. They raced side by side for the win but a caution ended the race early because the leaders had already taken the white flag. Officials declared John Gartner Jr the feature winner over Brent Vetter. Terry Davenport finished third ahead of A.J. Davenport while Nathan Messer rounded out the top five. The feature victory increases a track bounty on Gartner as he has won six features in a row at Dacotah Speedway.


Wiest Wins by Inches in Thrilling Victory over Papke
Rookie Brandon Anderson started on the pole in the INEX Legends feature. Outside pole sitter, Dauntae Martin grabbed the lead when the green flag waved. Austin Wiest and Donavin Wiest raced side by side for second. Using the low line around the track, Donavin Wiest slipped by Austin Wiest to second. Donavin quickly caught and passed Martin to take the lead on lap three, bringing Troy Hoff with him. Donavin Wiest and Hoff were bumper to bumper for the lead while a three car battle was shaping up behind them between Martin, Austin Wiest and Drew Papke. Papke was flying around the high side of the speedway and shuffled into the third position before a caution with two laps to go regrouped the field. On the restart, Papke passed Hoff for second. Using the high side of the track, Papke reeled in Wiest. Coming to the checkered flag, they were side by side at the line but it was Donavin Wiest who won by inches over Drew Papke. Troy Hoff finished third while Austin Wiest held off Preston Martin for fourth. 



Frederick Goes Back-to-Back at Dacotah Speedway
Linton, North Dakota’s John Weber led the field to the green flag in the WISSOTA Street Stock feature. Weber led early before Zach Frederick took the lead on lap four. An early caution on lap six reset the field on the restart, it was a thrilling three car battle for second between Weber, Jonny Carter and Geoff Hellmen. The track was so racy, they battled for position down low, in the middle and along the high side of the track, flip flopping positions many times. They raced continued to race hard until a caution with three laps to go regrouped the field. During the caution, Weber pulled his car off the track where flames started to appear underneath his race car while Hellmen took his car to the pits to change a flat tire. On the restart, Frederick and Carter raced door to door for the win. As the white flag waved, Carter had the advantage at the line but Frederick didn’t let us. They continued to race side by side down the backstretch and as they came to the checkered flag, Zach Frederick just narrowly edge Jonny Carter at the line to win his second feature victory in a row. Shawn Volk, who started 18th on the field, stormed to the front to finish third. Brad Kadrmas finished fourth while Matt Dosch crossed the finish line in fifth.


Seidler Passes Strand at the Line to Win
Herb Bargmann and Travis Peery started on the front row in the IMCA Modified feature. An early caution reset the field and on the restart, Bargmann continued to lead as Peery, John Corell and Tim Perkins battled for second. As they continued to race hard for second, it allowed Spencer Wilson to make a four car battle. Wilson shuffled into the second position and started to cut into Bargmann’s lead. Wilson grabbed the lead on lap eight and Bargmann slowly started to fade through the field. Marlyn Seidler passed Corell for second but now had his hands full with Shawn Strand. With 10 laps to go, Strand slipped by Seidler and quickly reeled in the leader. Strand was flying around the high side and caught Wilson for the lead. As they raced side by side for the win, it allowed third place Seidler to peek his nose through the middle. They raced three wide for the win with three laps to go. Strand and Seidler continued to race side by side for the win as Wilson slipped to third with only two laps remaining. Seidler found speed in the middle of the track as pulled along side of Strand. They raced side by side down the backstretch and as they came to the checkered flag, Marlyn Seidler beat Shawn Strand at the line to win. Spencer Wilson finished a close third as Tim Perkins held off John Corell to finish fourth.

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