Iron Man 100 Weekend Recap

Posted by Becca Rattei 6/3/2019 8:19:25 AM
Dacotah Speedway upped the ante for the Iron Man in 2019. In it's third year since it's inception, Dacotah Speedway made this special night of racing a two-day show for drivers and fans. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the racing on the track couldn't get much hotter. 

When the green flag waved, Ivan Sailer grabbed the lead from pole sitter Mike Dowling in the INEX Legends feature. As Sailer started to pull away, Dowling fell into the clutches of Drew Papke. They briefly raced for second until Papke slipped by on lap three. Sailer’s large lead quickly diminished as Papke reeled in the leader. They raced side by side for several laps until Papke cleared Sailer with five laps to go. Papke led the final five laps to win his first feature victory of the season. Ivan Sailer who led much of the race settled for second ahead of Casey Martin while Mike Dowling finished fourth ahead of Donavin Wiest.
*After the conclusion of the feature, officials disqualified fourth place Mike Dowling for being too low after the feature.


The first of two IMCA Modified Qualifying features hit the track. The top seven drivers from each feature would transfer directly into the $5,000 to win, 100 lap feature for Night 2 of the Iron Man 100.  In the first qualifying feature, pole sitter Marlyn Seidler lost the lead as the green flag waved to Austin Arneson. As Arneson pulled away, Seidler had his hands full with Jason Wolla. A series of cautions erased Arneson’s lead but on the final restart of the qualifying feature with eight laps to go, Seidler dove low under Arneson for the lead. Arneson shut the door but Seidler was all over his rear bumper. Coming out of turn two, Arneson got loose which opened the door for Seidler to slip by for the lead with four laps to go. Arneson hung on tight behind Seidler but Seidler started to pull away. As the checkered flag waved, Marlyn Seidler finished first ahead of Austin Arneson, Jason Wolla and Shawn Strand. Dylan Goplan held off Travis Hagen and Chris Schroeder.


Tom Berry and Robert Hellebust led the field to the green flag in the second IMCA Modified Qualified feature. They raced side by side until Berry cleared Hellebust for the lead before an early caution regrouped the field. On the restart, Ricky Thornton Jr grabbed second, bringing Casey Arneson with him. As the laps wound down, Hellebust started to reel in Arneson for third. As the leaders started to catch lapped traffic, Thornton Jr started to catch Berry. Using lapped traffic as a pick, Thornton Jr slipped by Berry for the lead with three laps to go. Berry battled back but could not get back around Thornton. When the checkered flag waved, Ricky Thornton Jr finished first leaving Tom Berry having to settle for second. Robert Hellebust retook the third position from Casey Arneson as Jeremy Keller held off Mark Dahl and Marcus Tomlinson for fifth.


In the final feature of Night 1, Jason Berg led the field to the green flag in the WISSOTA Street Stock feature. Outside pole sitter, Hunter Domagala quickly grabbed the lead, bringing Jonny Carter and Jeremy Engelhardt with him. Carter and Engelhardt raced hard for second as they raced door to door for several laps. Carter cleared Engelhardt and quickly chased down Domagala. They briefly battled for the lead until Carter grabbed the lead on lap eight. Carter was on cruise control until his uncle, Todd Carter, chased him down and they raced side by side late in the feature. They flipped flopped the lead several times until Jonny Carter retook the lead just before a caution with three laps to go reset the field. On late race restart, Jonny and Todd Carter raced side by side for the win. As the checkered flag waved, it was almost too close to call but scoring officials declared Jonny Carter the winner over Todd Carter by a hair. Hunter Domagala finished a season best of third while Zach Frederick finished fourth ahead of Matt Dosch.

Night 2 of the Iron Man 100 continued with the IMCA Sport Compact feature. When the green flag waved, Christopher Zenz grabbed the lead from pole sitter Jon Avard. A series of cautions slowed the pace of the race down but on a lap five restart, Paul Schuh dove down low under Zenz. As they raced off corner two, Schuh claimed the lead but Zenz held on tight. With five laps to go, Schuh and Zenz raced side by side for the win. Zenz cleared Schuh with four laps to go and led the final laps to win the feature victory over Paul Schuh. Corey Helgeson made a last lap pass to finish third ahead of Stan Thompson and Alex Thompson.


The Hobby Stocks started three wide as they took the green flag in the Hobby Stock feature. Cautions plagued the race early and often but John Gartner Jr shuffled into the lead on an early restart. Terry Davenport did his best to pass Garnter but each time Davenport had a run on the leader, the caution flag would regroup the field. On the final restart of the race, Gartner and Davenport cleared the field as Eugene Halverson and A.J. Davenport raced side by side for third place. Halverson completed the pass as A.J. Davenport started to fall into the clutches of Chris Welk. Welk passed A.J. Davenport just before a caution with three laps to go ended the race early. Due to time limit, race officials declared John Gartner Jr the race winner over Terry Davenport. Eugene Halverson finished third while Chris Welk held off A.J. Davenport for fourth.


Dacotah Speedway hosted opening night of the 2Strong Summer Dirt Series for the IMCA Sport Mods. When the green flag waved, Eric Paul grabbed the lead from pole sitter Zach Frederick. A series of early cautions reset the field but on a restart on lap four, Chase Conway grabbed the lead. As Conway pulled away, Brady Bjella and Kelly Henderson raced side by side for second. Henderson, who started 11th, passed Bjella and quickly chased down Conway. Using lapped traffic to his advantage, Henderson passed Conway but a caution with nine laps to go reverted the running order back to the previous lap. On the restart, Conway and Henderson continued to battle. When the white flag waved, they raced side by side the win. Racing out of turn two, Henderson had the edge going down the backstretch but Conway gave it all he had in corners three and four. As the checkered flag waved, Kelly Henderson held off Chase Conway for the win. Erik Laudenschlager finished third while Brady Bjella edged Isaac Sandrol at the finish line for fourth.


The IMCA Modifieds ended the weekend with a 100 lap, $5,000 to win feature. When the green flag waved, Ricky Thornton Jr drove away from the field and quickly started lapping cars. Thornton’s large lead quickly disappeared on lap 21 for a spin in turn four. On the restart, Tom Berry Jr slipped by Thornton and pulled away until the mandatory lap 50 caution. During the caution, drivers and crews were allowed to add tear offs and fuel however, if they changed tires or made adjustments to the car, they would be sent to the rear of the field. On the restart, Thornton retook the lead and pulled away. Marlyn Seidler made a late race pass on Robert Hellebust to grab third. Hellebust then started to fade as the laps wound down. When the checkered flag waved, Hellebust held off Casey Arneson and Jeremy Keller for fourth. Marlyn Seidler finished third while Tom Berry Jr settled for second behind feature winner Ricky Thornton Jr.

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